Tuesday, April 04, 2006

About Us

Formed in early 2004 by Frost front-man Lee “Lemon” Trevena. The label was initially established to release records by the group, ‘Frost.’ Since the labels inception we have released two CDs.

The 2004 ‘The Usual Suspects.’ A four track EP featuring three tracks originally recorded for the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) project, ‘The Whatever Music Sessions’ and featuring ‘Jerry Speiser’ of ‘Men at Work’ fame on drums.

The 2005 self-titled debut ‘Frost’ album consisting of ten tracks performed by the then line-up of: - Lemon, Timmy Porne and Rohan Heddle (ex-Cordrazine) and Co-produced by Cameron McKenzie (ex-Horsehead).

Title: 10:06 Format: EP

Released: 16th Sept 2006


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Title: FROSTFormat: Album

Released: 3rd Oct 2005

Manufactured and distributed by Shock Records

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Title: The Usual Susupects

Format: Ep

Released: 13th Sept 2004

Distributed by MGM

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